Stretch Mark & Scar Camouflage

2-day Live Class in 🇦🇺 Adelaide

Become a Camouflage Master by learning from a Master.

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We teach help inspire artists

to perform a treatment that matters with logic

22 Camouflage pmu approach was developed to help stretch marks and scars less visible.

So why does our technique actually work?

It works because we were able to find a unique solution that represents a huge problem to artists – a color matching system.

Our system is logical for beginners and experienced artists.
We named it: The Shade Finder system.

Correct tone selection for your client is 90% of successful treatment and that’s why our system works every time.

Stretch Mark Camouflage works directly on stretch marks and scars to smooth their appearance. The treatment brings amazing results with the use of special digital device along with selected pigments to match client’s skin tone. Treatment can be done on all skin colors!

Learn how to become Stretch Mark & Scar Camouflage Master in 1 CLASS! We will also grant exclusive access to our Camouflage Online Course.

The treatment basically works on all skin types and is the only solution for discoloration of stretch marks and scars.

Refresh your memory with unlimited access to camouflage online course. Get constant new updates and techniques in the course as it will be at your account unlimitedly.


Click on the icon to download presentation of Camouflage Course and check out Before & After Results!


Being in the PMU world for over a decade we understand your insecurities and struggles as a new artist – that’s why we will give our best to teach you everything about Camouflage. We don’t want you to spend additional time and money looking for another training – just because you don’t feel confident. With 22 Institute you get all in one place.

After educating over 2000 therapists worldwide and with 1000 artists that we’ve trained online we are now ready to take over Australia!






Expert Trainers

We started our pmu journey 15 years ago. Countless testing and practice led us to creation of our own camouflage technique. One of the most effective ways to become a master is to learn from other masters, and the earlier you start, the better.


Perform a meaningful service

When you want to Master a technique it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of it. Our Master Trainers will teach you everything from A to Z. Our mission is to form the next successful generation of Camouflage artists. Together we will help people with their body image and perception and help them to fully relive their life.


Unique experience

We were able to develop a really simple color selecting system that is logical for beginners and experienced artists. After several testings on real human skin tones we selected most common tones and undertones. We put those tones in color groups - from the lightest to the darkest. We named this system The Shade Finder system. Every color group was then assigned with certain rules of pigment layering to match the client's skin tone up to 95%.


Enjoy in 2 day training where we will pass all our knowledge to our students


09:30am – 11:00am - Introduction

( Introduction of 22 institute, Introduction of Students )

11:00am – 11:15am Coffee Break

11:15am – 13:30pm Theory

(Camouflage treatment, Structure of the Skin/Skin condition , Strech Marks/Scars, Pigmentation, Areas we treat/we do not treat, Good Results/Bed Results )

1:30pm – 2:00pm Snack Break

2:00pm – 5:00pm Theory

(Camouflage techniques,Device presentation and depth of pigment input,Pigmentation & Colorimetry, How to choose the right pigment/Shade Finder, Skin Types, Hygiene conditions, Healing after treatment, Marketing, Photos, Pricing/Costs )


09:30am – 11:00am - Practice on Artificial Skin

11:00am - 12:10am Demonstration on a Model by 22 Master

12:10am – 1:30pm Coffee Break

12:30am - 1:00pm Discussion and questions for 22 Master

1:00pm – 1:30pm Snack Break

1:30pm – 3:30pm - Students work on their models

3:30pm – 5:00pm - Exam, Comments on students’ work, certificates



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We want to see you succeed! You can do 20+ clients with the material we included in the starter kit.

Camouflage Online Course

Go over the modules you learned at your own pace. It is available on your smartphone, iPad or computer.


Professional kit

Start your new camouflage career with the best equipment in the market. Use quality products and maximise your results!


6 months of support in a Whatsapp group

22 Master Trainers stay with you during the most important time – while you are still learning!



Most frequent questions and answers

Stretch Mark Camouflage works directly on damaged skin, smoothing the appearance of different scars and stretch marks. The treatment brings amazing results through the use of a digital pmu machine along with precise matching of pigment to the client’s skin tone. 
The entire basis for Camouflage technique, is to glide needles across the skin surface to add a light dispersion of skin tone color to camouflage the treated area. After the treatment the treated area blends with your natural skin tone, making the problem area less to zero noticeable.

Treatment can be done on all colors of skin, with only dark skins are used with caution as they are prone to hyper-pigmentation.
30-60% improvement can be seen in just ONE SESSION, however 3 treatments are recommended for best results.

This all depends on the size of the area needing treatment and the severity of the scars/stretch marks. Bigger and more problematic areas will require additional treatments of the the same area to achieve the desired results. Prices go from $450 for smaller area and up to $2000 for bigger areas.

Your camouflaged stretch marks and scars will not change color. If you tan, your skin’s overtone will darken, but your stretch marks will remain the same color as your natural skin-toned camouflage. Overall, your stretch marks will still be camouflaged because the “white” is no longer there. In short, there’s less of an obvious contrast.

You can apply by filling the form on this page. Our agent will give you a call to guide you through the process of signing up.

If you wish to join the course without speaking to our agent you can do so by paying a deposit in our web shop ->

Price includes:

  • 2-day Live training in Los Angeles
  • Professional kit
  • Access to Camouflage Online Course
  • *If you want to learn Inkless Camouflage make sure you contact our agent to pay the right deposit for additional lectures (happening on the second day of the class)

Of course! Day 2 will be dedicated to practical part.

Our class has been tested

Melissa Zoratti
Melissa ZorattiOnline Course student
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Can I just say that this has been the most pleasant company to interact with as a customer service perspective. I normally don't enjoy talking to customer service as they're so "feeling-less" but you guys go that extra mile to really connect with your students and future students. I'll be sure to recommend 22 Institute to everyone! I love that you give the free trial sessions! I also finished my first two lesson sessions and can't wait for the next two be unlocked and so the fact that you sent my professional kit out within 24 hours! You guys also make it more financially easier on others by offering payment plans!
Amanda Atie
Amanda AtieLive Course student
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I flew from Beirut Lebanon to Ljubljana Slovenia It was the best experience anyone could ever experience The team treated me as if I'm one of their own I'm thankful for finding you And I want to thank twenty two institute for all they have taught me Cant wait to open my new clinic! Thank you, Best regards
Michelle Phimphakayson
Michelle PhimphakaysonOnline Course student
Read More
This course was absolutely enjoyable, clear, in depth and really good value for money. I took a course before this one and didn't have a great experience so did some research and found this and tossed and turned on whether to take this course and to be honest I'm glad I did. The team are amazing and very supportive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a reputable trainer and wanting to learn about this service. Tatjana has amazing skill and knowledge and I'm so pleased I took this course! P.s It's not just an online course. It's interactive and the live sessions with the team is the most valuable. 🙂
NatashaAustralian SMC Course student
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The best course I have ever taken in the industry and my trainer Michelle... what can I say... She represents the Aus franchise like no other. Passionate, attentive, down to earth and always available to answer my random post course questions. So glad to be apart of the 22 institute family.
Elena Lazar
Elena LazarOnline Course student
Read More
I would like to thank my master Tatjana Damjanovic and the 22 Aesthetic Institute team for all the support and guidance they gave to me on this fantastic course. From the 1st day the support of 22 Aesthetic Institute team was supper!!! Every question or clarification I needed to have, the team was next to me and the response was immediate! The structure of the course was very helpful, fully comprehensive and easily understandable. Master Tatjana Damjanovic is a very special person. Her big experience with the friendly approach she has make the practical stage of the course very productive and pleasant. I highly recommend to whom it may Concern the Online Stretch Marks & Scars Camouflage training.
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